Monday, November 14, 2011

Then All Is As It Was

"...The moon goes to the full;
The moon goes slowly down;
The wood becomes a wall.
Far things draw closer in.
A wind moves through the grass, 
Then all is as it was."
--from Theodore Roethke's The Small

It was a beautiful weekend in Eastern Oregon.  Home.  We celebrate Thanksgiving early to avoid holiday traffic and worsened weather.  It is a great thing!  Everybody congregates in Cayuse at my dad and Tina's, even my mom, the surprise guest, this year.  Yay!!!  We had a great time enjoying the beauty of the fall landscape:

Watching dogs and horses do their thing:
Geisha and Gonzo-- Temple Guards

Ed and Crystal out to gather rosehips and sumac, with Darby, Chester and Ruger
Crystal and Sugarfoot

Oh, they were just happy to see us
Babies and beer bottles and cousin-time:
Layla loves a cold Beck's

Jack and Buzzle rasslin'

C.Line and Auntie Erin
And special time with Grandma Ethel, who will always be 30-10, for the record.

The wind blew, the grasses undulated, the clouds moved in and out, the rain came, the rain stopped.  We were all together in Cayuse, nestled into the hillside, being thankful.  


  1. Great, fun weekend. Prompt blog with wonderful pictures--especially the ones from the hillside.--Dad

  2. Sure do love this post and its pics! Gorgeousness all around.