Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A Leaf Falls Here

         People are few;
A leaf falls here,
         Falls there.

Yesterday, we returned from a long weekend in Cayuse to celebrate Elliot Thanksgiving.  As always, it's lovely to go home.  Especially to a place that is so familiar and also unknown. I've spent a lot of time breathing that air, but there is always something new to experience, a direct connection to nature, the old wind whistling a new song.  

It was a weekend gathering of the usual suspects.  We enjoyed: a magnificent meal lovingly prepared by Tina, glasses of prosecco, old and new friends, a walk on the hillside up the draw, fat snowflakes on "Thanksgiving", horses to be fed, dogs wanting their bellies scratched, fuses blown, a treasure hunt in an old shed, pancakes, monkey bread, pies, Tina teaching me how to bead, gathering sumac, teasels, and gnarled rose branches for wreaths, finding bones and antlers on the hill, and cuddling up with Caroline in a big bed piled with heavy quilts and blankets and listening to the wind howl all night. 

morning ritual--feeding the horses with Papa Grey

Miss Business dressed for dinner

A fire AND snowflakes???  Yessssss!

rosehips on the hill

lovely sumac

clipping away

perfect picture of my dad

the boys found a wild apple tree

from Jack

Jack with bones and apples

I've lots to be thankful for.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Deep In The Brain, Far Back

Night Crow

When I saw that clumsy crow
Flap from the wasted tree,
A shape in the mind rose up:
Over the gulfs of dream
Flew a tremendous bird
Further and further away
Into a moonless black
Deep in the brain, far back.

--Theodore Roethke

Isn't that a marvelous poem that sort of swirls around in the sky of your head?  I think of it as a Fall poem, meant to be read when electric yellow leaves fly through dark grey days and the world feels a little uncertain.  There is a depth to this time of year that I can appreciate.  The fall has more texture than the other seasons; the colors stand out, even more than the rioting flowers of summer.  The air feels different, expectant maybe.  The other seasons are more straightforward, but there's a quality now that seems mysterious.  I love it.  

I have had adventures away and adventures at home lately; I love both.  Here are some pictures that tell a bit of my fall story so far:
We grew a thumbkin this year!  Won't the fairies love it?


last hurrah

dear friends


big maple at dusk

the river

happy in the kitchen

very impressive

cool, huh?

Korean War Memorial--ghostly!

a walk in the Virginia woods

Whoa!  Miller almost stepped on this fellow.  

Caretaker's house at the old, now-closed prison in Lorton, VA.  Eerie.

pumpkin catapult

airborne and leaf-bound!

hot soup and cream biscuits for a chilly night

May the Night Crow land on your bedpost and carry you over the gulfs of dream...