Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A Leaf Falls Here

         People are few;
A leaf falls here,
         Falls there.

Yesterday, we returned from a long weekend in Cayuse to celebrate Elliot Thanksgiving.  As always, it's lovely to go home.  Especially to a place that is so familiar and also unknown. I've spent a lot of time breathing that air, but there is always something new to experience, a direct connection to nature, the old wind whistling a new song.  

It was a weekend gathering of the usual suspects.  We enjoyed: a magnificent meal lovingly prepared by Tina, glasses of prosecco, old and new friends, a walk on the hillside up the draw, fat snowflakes on "Thanksgiving", horses to be fed, dogs wanting their bellies scratched, fuses blown, a treasure hunt in an old shed, pancakes, monkey bread, pies, Tina teaching me how to bead, gathering sumac, teasels, and gnarled rose branches for wreaths, finding bones and antlers on the hill, and cuddling up with Caroline in a big bed piled with heavy quilts and blankets and listening to the wind howl all night. 

morning ritual--feeding the horses with Papa Grey

Miss Business dressed for dinner

A fire AND snowflakes???  Yessssss!

rosehips on the hill

lovely sumac

clipping away

perfect picture of my dad

the boys found a wild apple tree

from Jack

Jack with bones and apples

I've lots to be thankful for.


  1. Lovely language in this post. I can just imagine the time you had. Time with family like that is awesome. LOVE the idea of you two cozy under a pile of quilts, beading, and gathering rose hips and sumac and monkey bread.

  2. Great photos. Seems like you've had Fall already, and it hasn't really started. Early Thanksgiving, on a day more likely to be pleasant than late November, just makes good sense!