Sunday, January 15, 2012

Happy 2012!

Hello, again!  I have been a very bad blogger, indeed.  However, in my own defense, I have had so many wonderful happenings lately that I've had nary a moment to stop and record it on the intermaweb.  And I do believe, one of the points of a blog is to blog about your life but not live-to-blog or do-to-blog or whatever.  Ya feel me?

Today is the first day in weeks that I've had a moment to sit and write.  My dear friend, Joy, came this weekend to celebrate my birthday and she just headed out on snowy roads to get back home to Spokane.  I've got the laundry machines hummin' away, a 3 week old Sunday crossword puzzle, and the snow is falling so prettily; it's a perfect time to write.

I took a New Year's Eve trip to Sitka, AK, to surprise Colette for her 40th birthday (4 days late).  Thanks to sweet Hannah for being my partner in crime on this.  Colette was surprised!  We had a fantastic new year's eve!!  We went to Winter Skillet,  one of Sitka's annual concerts.  It was fantastic!  Then we walked all over town, visiting lots of adult beverage consumption stations (BARS, yo), one even had a rockabilly band and dancing:
Oh my! How cute are Hannah and Colette???

Sitka is a vibrant community, full of interesting people and lovely places:

The Pioneer Home on New Year's Eve; and it's snowing, too!

Russian Orthodox Church in the center of the town, and that mountain!

His name is Rio and he dances on the sand

Thar she blows (we saw 2 whales!)

We also enjoyed time a la maison, sitting by the fire, playing games, and...making croissants!  The croissants (quaaasahnts!) took 2 days to make, rolling and folding and chilling and shaping and rising and baking, but oh my oh my, were they ever delicious--next freakin' level delish!!!!  

O, baby, I KNEAD you!

 Say it with Hannah, "Qwaaaaaahsahnt!"

roll and fold...

...and fold again

and roll again

And roll some more the next day

Colette fills a croissant with dark chocolate

Some of these have almond  or chocolate filling inside, and some are plain


This may be the tastiest thing I've ever eaten!  Totally worth the extreme effort and time commitment.  Alls ya need is the Cook's Illustrated recipe, butter, flour, and yeast, oh and about 3 days!  But, damn!  

What a way to ring in the new year!! 


  1. Sitka looks delightful and a place worth knowing better. The internet is glad to FINALLY have the definitive pronunciation of "croissant".

  2. Sometimes we call them "CROIK-SHONTS" which is indirectly mocking someone we know who misprounced them. HEE HEE! How very scrumptious they looked and I love the idea of a long cooking project like that to look forward to and remember. We have some dear friends who grew up in Sitka and whom I shared your pics with, too. Rio caption was funny! Great time=great post. Happy New Year CHER!