Monday, May 28, 2012

And Still Through Every Clime and Age

The stars are failing, and the sky
     is like a field of faded flowers
The winds on weary wings go by;
     The moon hides, and the tempest
            And still through every clime
                   and age
            I wander on a pilgrimage 
             That all men know an idle 
             For that the goal I seek is--

--James Whitcomb Riley

What a difference a 3-day weekend makes!  I feel rested, caught up, not in a hurry for anything, and peaceful.  This one extra day is precious and my praise for it tells me that I've been doing too much lately.  And that dang, am I ready for summer vacation or what?!   We've had lots of fun this weekend: dressing up for Caroline's doll's birthday party:
We were sooooo fancy!
We were outside all weekend and took all of our meals on the deck (except for today--raining!).  I weeded, mowed and transplanted seedlings (finally!).  Things are getting huge and looking lush!  So far, we've harvested our first radishes and spinach:
Pallet raised beds--my, how you've grown!  
 Watched poppies burst into bloom:

Enjoyed seeing the backyard flower bed NOT get scratched and pecked:

Loving the Cayuse irises from my dad and Tina's place:

The beans will soon cover this:

Who doesn't love a purple iris?!  And they smell sooooo good!

The chickens are now fenced in on the north side of my house.  They have their own side lawn, a garden bed to dig around in, rocks with hiding bugs and slugs, and their new favorite place--under the deck. While I miss watching them roam around the backyard, this is safer for them and less garden destruction for me.  Plus, they can be out all day, even when I'm at work, so...more freedom but less range.  Seems like a pretty good trade.  I made their fence out of spare parts from OM, leftover bits of lattice that I found behind my shed, the old chair rail trim that used to be in my dining room, and...grosgrain ribbon.  Notice I did not say BUILT the fence, but rather MADE the fence.  The ribbon was necessary to create the illusion of a tall barrier that they should not try to fly over.  And I must say, it's working beautifully.  Don't underestimate the utility of sewing notions:
Hello, ladies!  Don't try to escape--muhwah ha ha!

I do believe this ladylike, fluttery iris is sticking her tongue out at us!

Peanut butter French toast for breakfast today--yummy!

I wish you a day filled with all the pretty flowers!


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  2. Love the break, the thoughts, the photos, the spring-time industry. If one must impede freedom, doing so decoratively is excellent overlord (overlady?) form. Brava!