Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Earth's Hopes Awaken

"O thou joyful day,
O thou blessed day,
Gladsome, peaceful Christmastide.
Earth's hopes awaken..."

--from an old Sicilian Christmas song

Even on a regular old Wednesday, the fact that it's the Christmas season inspires me to work a little harder to *bring the sparkle* at home.  It's only for about a month, which is a doable amount of time to special-it-on-up for the kids. And each day is joyful and blessed, just like the Sicilians say.  And I'm sure my favorite Sicilian, OM, would agree!   

As I made dinner, Jack worked on his homework, which was to interview me about a special holiday memory from my childhood.  Here it is:

Why yes, Jack, it is a fun memory!  Thank you very much for asking. I'm all about the magic of Christmas...still.  

I make a lot of fires in the woodstove this time of year, obviously because it's cold, duh, but also because it's sort of special and a warm fire brings us together.  We all love to hang out by it--who wouldn't?  It is the cozy business.  Caroline plunked down next to the woodstove and played cards--she made up a new game called Capture the Ace.  She played for a while, with great joy and gusto:

Jack played his own game, too.  But his deck was super weird, he said and only had 9s, 10s, and face cards.  I thought it had been messed with before I had my a-ha moment--pinochle deck!  From back in the day (college) when I played a ton of pinochle one summer.  I haven't played since, but I bet it would come back to me quickly.  Pinochle, anyone?  

When kids want hot chocolate, I say, YES, and when they suggest we stop by the store on the way home to procure marshmallows AND whipped cream, AND sprinkles, it's a go.  

All I want for Christmas is my 2 front teeth!

Gladsome, peaceful Christmastide!

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