Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Then Laugh On, Happy Rain!

The Laughter of the Rain
The rain sounds like a laugh to me--
A low laugh poured out limpidly.

My very soul smiles as I listen to
     The low, mysterious laughter 
   of the rain,
Poured musically over heart and brain
Till sodden care, soaked with it through
     and through,
Sinks; and, with wings wet with it as
     with dew,
   My spirit flutters up, with every
   Rinsed from its plumage, and as
     white again
As when the old laugh of the rain was
   Then laugh on, happy Rain!  laugh 
     louder yet!--
Laugh out in torrent-bursts of watery
   Unlock thy lips of purple cloud, and 
Thy liquid merriment baptize the earth,
   And wash the sad face of the world,
     and set
   The universe to music dripping

--James Whitcomb Riley

I am reading through James Whitcomb Riley's collected poetical works that my dear ol' dad gave me, all 829 pages of it, and I am finding some gems, such as this.  So, if you like to read this blog, brace yourself for more JWR, because he's under my skin in a very good way!  

It has been typical PNW crizzazy March weather lately.  I love it! I love the unpredictability and the variety of conditions.  Today it was:  cold and clear, rainy, snowing cottonballs, hailing, sunny, windy, and sleeting.  Not dull.  And like JWR, I say, "Unlock thy lips of purple cloud, and let thy liquid merriment baptize the earth."  Isn't that just a great line?

Here are some other things that have been making me happy lately:
Barns I pass on my drive to work:

Nancy's greenhouse, aka The Nut Hut:

Nancy's horse, Rebel, and a juicy red apple:

OM dancing with the dancing girls:

Plus, the realization that Newt Gingrich sounds exactly like Kermit the Frog!  Next time you hear him on the radio, picture Kermit.  It will make you laugh, guaranteed!  Just like this lovely rain.

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