Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Twangle, then, with your wrangling
The tinkling links of a thousand 
And clang the pang of a maddening
Till the Echo, hid in a land unknown,
        Shall leap as he hears, and hoot
        and hoo
        Like the wretched wraith of a

--James Whitcomb Riley, from his poem A Nonsense Rhyme

Good morning, Friends! Guess what?  Today is a partial snow day--2 hour delay!  The very best of all snow days--no make up and these free golden hours to read and drink coffee and even blog.  

We have had some nice days lately, filled with lots of comfort food.  Let's take a peek from the weekend menu:
Lots of onions...

Make for delicious "Fronch" onion soup (we've been watching Better Off Dead--haha)

Tons o' pancakes!

Good ol' mac-n-cheese
The chicken whisperer

Coffee's on--it's a snow delay day!

Candlelight breakfast, naturally.

Mr. Guy out in the snow event that made today possible!

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