Wednesday, February 29, 2012


The sense of danger must not disappear:
The way is certainly both short and steep,
However gradual it looks from here;
Look if you like, but you will have to leap.

--W.H. Auden (excerpt from his Leap Before You Look villanelle)

Happy Leap Day, friends!  Had to write a quick post for the February 29 dateline, if nothing else.  Plus, we had a nice afternoon and Jack found a real Leap Day treasure in the chicken coop.  Check it out:

A teeeny, tiny egg!  Awwwwwww!

I made a nice fire and we all hung out in the family room to enjoy it.  I've found the fire is the key to getting everyone to hang out together at home.  I mean, who doesn't love some warmth on a cold day?  We read, play games, talk.  It's wonderful.  Who knew something so basic and simple would be just the ticket to getting that cozy close family vibe going?  Well, the secret is out and I wish everyone had a wood stove, a cord of wood, and the inclination, 'cause this shit's magic!

Continuing with our Leap Day celebrations, we had pizza for dinner with a side of garlic spinach, and homemade ice cream for dessert, with chocolate syrup. Good ol' Hershey's.  Did you ever drink Hershey's syrup straight from the can (!) when you were a kid?  You'd puncture it on both sides of the top to really get it flowing, and then suck it down.  Will my kids do stuff like that?  Of course they will.  Do I need to know?  Not really.  At some point in our childhoods, we start making tiny leaps, away from parental consent, toward becoming independent beings.  And I think we get braver as we grow up.  I know I have, in that I pretty much do what I want and trust that I can make a decent decision for myself.  As OM says, "I got this!"  

So, do the best you can and believe that it's enough and okay.  Then leap.


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  2. Open the fridge, peel off the plastic lid, pour the magic tar into the palm to make a puddle, then lap it up! Wipe off the edge of the can, put the lid back on, set it back in the fridge and walk away wondering if the parents would ever get wise. Now am wondering if ALL kids (and maybe parents, too) do this. You've put your finger on a massive societal secret, M!