Sunday, February 19, 2012

A Swan Needs a Pond

"...When I stand, I'm almost a tree.
Leaves, do you like me any?
A swan needs a pond.
The worm and the rose
Both love

--Theodore Roethke, from Bring the Day!

I've been sick all day with the nastiest little cold.  Sniffling and coughing and aching.  No thank you!  I almost never get sick, so I forget how it is to feel miserable.  What has gotten me through today, besides ibuprofen, tea with honey, and naps, is dreams of my garden.  I went through my favorite seed catalogue again, Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds, and made my list.  I sketched out my garden space, including the 2 raised beds I'm building out of old pallets.  And also the bean tepee I made out of the chair rail trim that used to be in my dining room.  I'm also going to try a vertical pallet garden for strawberries this year, as they tend to hog garden real estate and I think they'll do fine in a standing up pallet.  They'll have a better view, anyway.  And the chickens will be SOL this year.  Ha!  
Sorry, Sookie
The raised beds are going to be fantastic. I'm putting them up at the top of my driveway, in front of the garage door I never open.  It gets awesome sun and the radiant heat coming off the garage door will be a plus, as well.  In those beds, I think I'll grow:  cherry tomatoes--probably one Sungold and one Black Cherry, Chioggia Beets, Lipstick Peppers, Early Scarlet Globe Radishes, Bloomsdale Spinach, Cosmic Purple Carrots, Pepperoncinis,  basil and parsley.  Also, in the front, my neighbor said I can garden his little patch of ground that separates our driveways.  I think I'll plant Golden Bantam 12-Row Corn with Missouri Wonder Beans.  Plus some pretty mixed zinnias, for fun.  Also mixed into my front border garden will be more cherry tomatoes, green pattypan squash, and garlic.  

In the back, it's Purple Podded Pole Beans and Chinese Mosaic Long Beans on the tepee, which will also double as a kid fort.  I'm going to fence the garden this year to keep out the feathered predators.  It was lettuce carnage last year and I can't stand the heartbreak again.  So, in the fenced garden will be Sugar Snap Peas growing on a length of metal fence from my dad.  Peas and beans are my favorite things to grow because they are sooo easy and soooo yummy.  The kids love them both, too and will snack away right out of the garden, which warms a mama's heart.  Also in the garden will be 3 kinds of lettuce, Purple of Sicily Cauliflower, 2 kinds of broccoli, lots of garlic, and lots and lots of potatoes!!  

On March 20th, the 1st day of Spring and my dear old Dad's birthday, I will plant sweet peas practically everywhere--5 different kinds, all very fragrant.  Poke 'em into the ground or in pots, give them something to climb, and they'll bloom by June and go all summer.  They may be an annual, but to me, they're a perennial favorite-hahaha!

Until then, here are a few pics of the garden in years past.  It really will look like this again!   And even better, hopefully!!!  

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  1. Lovely post, glad a few days later you're feeling better. Can you be certain the chickens aren't planning countermeasures to reach the strawberries?