Thursday, February 16, 2012

it is or it ain't

"Love is or it ain't.
Thin love ain't love at all."
--Toni Morrison, from Beloved

I'm still thinking about love.  And why it's so important.  I think it's what binds us together in a community.  Whether that's a family, a circle of friends, a marriage, or a society.  Loving each other.  Loving the work we do at home.  Preserving and building things that will last, even beyond ourselves.  That is love. Love is like the egg in the crab cake of life.  It enriches and holds it all together.  Without it, life is fragmented, disconnected, boring.

Toni Morrison's quote above truly resonates with me.  If you love someone, then LOVE them!  Love is the answer.  Love will set you free.  Love conquers all.  The cliches just go on and on!  And you know why?  Because they are true.  If you want connection and deep meaning in your life, then fatten up the way you love.  Feed it.  Nurture it. 

Because if you don't, you'll look up and have nothing.

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