Wednesday, August 31, 2011


"Now we will count to twelve
And we will all keep still..."
--Pablo Neruda

Dontcha sometimes feel that there is simply too much noise in the world?  I really loved the excitement of school yesterday and today, but there is something so beautiful about the contrast of quiet when I get home.  Especially on days when the kids are at their dad's, when I control the quiet. 

When I say noise, I mean auditory AND visual noise.  I haven't had telemavision service for almost a year now and the silence is truly golden.  I love having this swell computamer, but don't find it hard at all to ignore it most of the time. The last 2 days at home in the afternoons and evenings have been mostly about reading and sitting quietly in the garden, doing a little living room yoga from a deck of yoga pose cards a friend gave me--breathing,  simple meditations, stretchy good-feeling poses.  Nice and  quiet.

And of course, I've been enjoying Ruby Mae even more.  Yesterday, I rode her into town to run errands.  Duvall is built on a big hill with roads running across the hill that make for reeel nice bike riding.  After my errands, I wasn't ready to ride home just yet, so I traversed the town a few times on those nice roads, wind in my hair, skirt flapping, the ticka-ticka-ticka of the bike when I coasted.  Fun.  Bike riding is FUN.  And exermacise! Here are a few pics of Ruby Mae, since someone asked:

Now, isn't she a real cutie??

Today, CC and I rode bikes up by her house, which is at the top of the hill on a nice plateau.  We zoomed down streets and around cul de sacs--we like to sometimes ride around the circle a few times until we get sort of dizzy.  Our legs were jello-y when we dismounted and her teacup dogamule, Soxie, got to ride along in Carrie's basket, just like Toto!  I'll have to get a picture of that because believe me, it is the cute business.  

And now, I'm done typing and am about to settle in to the sweet silence of home and the delicious peace that accompanies it.  

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