Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Work Hard and Get More Learn!

Tonight we had our annual Back to School Feast!  This is the 3rd year we've done it and it's always a delight.  Every feast, we think of a theme for the year.  This year's theme is part me (work hard!) and Caroline came up with the 'get more learn.' She said it and then cracked up.  We HAD to leave it the way it came out--too funny and well, it's right.  We could all afford to get more learn.  

Here are the kids in their crowns--I always make crowns.  With glitter.  And other flair.

On the menu:  pasta with tuna, garlic spinach, good bread, milk for some, rose' for others.  Dessert: chocolate cake with chocolate frosting.  Soooo delicious!  

This year we had a very special surprise guest join us.  Jumped right up on the bench.
Here's what we discussed during the feast:  

Jack:  In 3rd grade I want to work hard on: Reading on a harder level and doing harder math.  
Biggest anticipated challenge:  85 X 462.  
In whhhat waaaaay (we recently watched Ferris Bueller's Day Off--remember that teacher?)do you want to 'get more learn': maybe try to start a school newspaper and put a funny cartoon in each issue.  
Most looking forward to: air conditioners in all 3rd grade classrooms (they're portables), especially after PE when you're all sweaty.  And seeing all my friends.

Caroline: in 2nd grade I want to work hard on: reading
Biggest anticipated challenge:  times or division
In whhhat waaaaay do you want to 'get more learn':  times 
Most looking forward to:  seeing all my friends

We'll talk about our theme throughout the year. The feast is a fun yearly tradition, one we'll keep doing.  Plus, now we get to have cake for breakfast tomorrow.  Looks like I'm catching on already.


  1. They let you off that easily? I hear nothing of YOUR plans to get more learn.

  2. Whit, I want to LEARN how to sew this year. That counts, right? --ME

  3. Like this tradition. Will take chocolate cake into the library next time to facilitate the getting of more learn.

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