Friday, July 1, 2011

The Birthday Boy

Tomorrow is Jack's birthday. He will be 9!  Unbelievable.  Sometimes I look at him with his stretched out limbs and muscular little body and just marvel at how he's grown so fast, and wonder, where did all the time go?  He still indulges me (at home, not to be attempted in public) and lets me smooch all over his sweet face, will still cuddle up in my lap, and loves to have his back rubbed and his hair ruffled.  These things haven't changed, but I know they won't last forever, so I cherish them bigtime.

Jack is becoming his own man.  He is quite independent, setting his alarm for 6:10 every morning and getting up at at 'em.  What does he do at that ungodly hour (especially in summer! )?  Well, I'm not up to witness it, but he says that he plays Legos, draws, writes and reads.  He's pretty honest, and I'm pretty sure he hasn't been taking out the car to go wildin', so I believe this to be the truth.  He's real, real quiet--considerate.  He can play with those Legos for hours, building complex towns and vehicles and little Lego guys.  There's always a running dialogue of what's going on, who's doing what, that sort of thing.  His imagination is next level, and I hope it lasts and lasts.  To be able to just play like that, fully entertained for hours, what a gift!

And he's a gift to me.  Such an easy kid to be around.  He's thoughtful, fun, adventuresome, pleasant, introspective and deep.  He's a  stubborn creature of habit, starting in utero where he settled himself into a frank breech position and stayed put, regardless of what I did (breech version procedure, acupuncture, home acrobatics, etc.) Today, I'll make the usual cupcakes for his party; the same party 5 years runnin' now ("Mom, you know how I am!" --Jack's most oft-quoted words to me): yellow cupcakes with chocolate frosting and a Rolo on top.  The party is at a beach park and goes like this:  I bring beach towels for tablecloths, his dad brings the hotdogs, watermelon and chips, I bring the Rolo cupcakes, kids show up and play in the water or on the playground or both, we eat lunch, we sing HB, we eat cupcakes, Jack opens presents, more playing and then go on home.  Easiest. Party. Ever.  And a kid who never expects you to change it up from year to year--and in fact, just wants the status quo.  That party is good enough (that's m'boy!).  Here's a pic from last year's fete--check the Rolo, yo:

Tonight is birthday eve dinner.  I told Jack I would cook anything or take him out anywhere he wanted to go.  He asked if I'd make chicken noodle soup.  Awwww...yes I will, little man.  So, tonight it's chicken noodle soup and cream biscuits, with strawberry shortcake for dessert.  Raised waffles, bacon and the ubiquitous strawberries for birthday breakfast tomorrow and then onward to the party for some good old-fashioned birthday fun.

Happy 9th Birthday, Dear Jackie Bug.  I'm a proud mama.

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  1. You've been blogging like crazy since I've been rafting. The clean writing and crisp photos in the living moments of your life are a family treasure.==Love, Dad