Tuesday, July 19, 2011


"Each one is a gift, no doubt,
mysteriously placed in your waking hand
or set upon your forehead
moments before you open your eyes."
What a bundle of gift-days I've had lately.  Caroline had a wonderful birthday--loved her new/old yellow bike:

I had to make her birthday cake twice, because it didn't pop out of the bundt cake mold on try #1:

B was here visiting for the weekend, and was kind enough to assist me with party set-up and execution, including discovering that the sweet pinata I bought had no opening for candy-filling.  Who knew?  B cut a hole with a utility knife and then loaded it with candy, do-dads, and in his words, "shrapnel" i.e. glass marbles and  small, hard plastic flowers. (He was also a great help in eating cake-clods from rose cake attempt #1.) We had to decorate the dining room because it rained the morning of the party.  But with the guests, also came the sun, so the outdoor garden party dream was realized:

Then back inside for CAKE time!  

(note the rose cake--looks better this way, yes?)

And then back out for the PINATA!!!  

Later that night, we went down to the park to watch the Duvall Days fireworks.  As darkness fell, B, Jack, Caroline and I were lost in thought and deep anticipation of the sparkly show:

"...Through the calm eye of the window
everything is in its place
but so precariously
this day might be resting somehow

on the one before it,
all the days of the past stacked high
like the impossible tower of dishes
entertainers used to build on stage.

No wonder you find yourself
perched on the top of a tall ladder
hoping to add one more, 
Just another Wednesday

you whisper, 
then holding your breath,
place this cup on yesterday's saucer
without the slightest clink."
    --Billy Collins


  1. A good time, and a marvel to watch a fun party come together despite a setback (and that setback transformed to bonus cake!). Meeting OM was cool. So much better to meet people behind the profile photos.

    Also good to know a spray can of Canola oil makes for an excellent sabotage present to any frenemies.

  2. In the spirit of the poem, your days have many moving parts, and it may feel like a lot, but the sense of it all was very steady, not precarious. Even with many literal dishes, a kids' birthday party, a guest, and preparing impressive meals from scratch. Your home is a sanctuary and a good place.

  3. Thank you, Brucifer! You are very kind. And a very good house guest! Thanks for the visit, yo. And for all of your help with the party!!! It was very fun to hang out and catch up, friend.

  4. This poem is a wow. Love it. Love the idea of sitting before the fireworks start lost in thought.

    Have so enjoyed catching up on the blogaroo!

    Your new toilet is a beaut!-can totally relate to the whole constant unplugging thing as I've been there.

    Great commentary on Caroline, she reminds me of how I see Avery. Always there, wearing a skirt, loving me fiercely, while her more independent sister is somewhere else.

    Also, the whole education discussion and wildness kids have that gets squashed. Where do you weigh in on table manners because that's where mine are their wildest.....

    Great thoughts, writing, poems. Has been a gift on this lovely Saturday morn. I'm inspired now to work on my own neglected writing space a little.

    Cornelia Sweetie