Thursday, July 28, 2011

Methought I Saw the Footsteps of a Throne

"Methought I saw the footsteps of a throne
Which mists and vapours from mine eyes did shroud--
Nor view of who might sit thereon allowed..."
      --William Wordsworth

Newsflash for anyone who's been a guest at my house:  I FINALLY replaced the upstairs bathroom toilet!  Hally-looyer!  The old throne was susceptible to clogging up if you looked at it wrong. It had not flushed properly since a plastic pirate was accidentally dropped in by a kid and upon trying to fish it out, I pushed it through the front hole in the bowl, condemning it and the toilet to a watery death. It only took me 4 years of plunging and swearing and apologizing to guests to replace the ding dang thing.  Check out its replacement; she's a BEAUT!
 Notice the base?  See how it's rectangular and minus the nooks and crannies that make a yucky cleaning job even yuckier?  Sweet, isn't she?  And cute!  She was the cutest toilet at Lowe's by a longshot.  So, come on over people and give her a whirl.  Put more than 2 squares of TP in and be amazed when you don't have to plunge.

It's the little things that please me the most!

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  1. A day of victory for the household. Congratulations! Did you break a bottle of champagne over the new toilamet?