Friday, July 15, 2011

Sweet Caroline

            Life and love--baby of mine,
             Here is a thought for thee--
     Happy the heart that feels and knows
                Beauty in things that be!
                    --Marjorie Wilson

Today is Caroline's birthday.  7 years ago, I became the mother of a daughter, and my life has never been the same.  Caroline is almost like my conjoined twin.  In her mind, as it's always been, I'm hers.  This is very different from Jack, Mr. Independent.  I know everyone marvels at how their children turn out so differently from one another, but man, it's something!  Caroline loves me with an intensity that I've never known.  One of her favorite past times is to simply sit next to me, sucking her left thumb and with her right hand, either twirling my hair or rubbing my back.  I asked her once how she feels when she does this and she just sorta sighed, "comfortable!"  
(here she is with our beloved kitty Mow-Mow, RIP)

I love this child with the same intensity with which she loves me.  She is funny, a real character.  She is sweet but also extremely full of the Sassy Business (wonder where she gets that, ahem).  She loves all animals, but especially kitties, and Copper, Todd's boxer, her "best friend."  Caroline goes where I go, and she's great company.  She loves fancy stuff and wears a dress or skirt almost every day, even when we go to Cayuse!

And she positively oozes joie de vivre!

I love you, my sweet Caroline Rosamond Rebecca!

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