Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Are You a Dog Person or a Cat Person?

I don't mean this in the way you're probably thinking, though.  See, we just adopted 2 kittens from a cat rescue shelter.  We've had them for almost 3 weeks now and they are still so timid they hide when I walk in their room.  They were feral kitties (well, suburban feral, which is way different than rural feral), so they are always on guard and 'spicious of us.  Despite the fact that we have so much kitty-love stored up since Capricorn (aka Mow-Mow), our 17 year old cat, died last month. Especially C--she has SO MUCH aggressive cat love to bestow upon the kittens, but they are slower in accepting it than she'd like.  I however, am loving the challenge of getting these cats to trust me.  I don't mind the slow progress, because it's still progress.  The kitties might hide out under the chair, but they now purr when I start talking to them.  I can scoop up Koa and he'll stay on my lap for a while before slowly slinking off of it.  And last night, after he slunk (is that a word?), he laid right near my leg and his kitten purr filled up the room;  I loved it. Who knows what will happen today? I am content in waiting and seeing because earning their trust is really something!

Back to my title question, now.  I think people can be categorized as cats or dogs, too.  Dogs are those real open folks who trust and gush and put it right out there for people.  Cats are more reserved, but can be friendly, too.  Happy to know you, but you know it will take a while for you to know them.  I think I'm a dog, but in others, I tend to prefer cats.  I love a shy, introverted person.  Many of my favorite cats present as dogs professionally, but they are cats through and through (OM, A, Miz I'm talking about you).  Although when 2 dogs get together, it can be real, real fun!  We could go into breeds here, but that might be taking it a bit far. Although, I think I would make a pretty good border collie.


  1. You are too cute and I love how you
    always find the sunshine.

  2. Feels like each day I switch between cat and dog traits. Not sure which one to pick. Like the professional v. personal distinctions, though. Something to ponder while scanning the room at the next work meeting.