Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Early To Bed, Early To Rise

Oh, how I wish this applied to me!  I long to be one of those early risers, drinking coffee with the rising sun and really experiencing the world waking up.  I'd love to be able to read my paper in the morning instead of after kids go to bed. And it's not that I'm not a morning person, I am.  Unfortunately, I'm also a night person.  I love staying up late reading and puttering around.  I wish I could have it both ways and not be sleep-deprived.  I would love to try the whole early to bed, early to rise program. I just have to do it, I suppose.  Tonight?  Maybe.  Or maybe over the weekend.  Or maybe wait until summertime when I'm home every day.  It's a nice idea, isn't it?  This Willam Stafford poem will be my inspiration:

Malheur Before Dawn

An owl sound wandered along the road with me.
I didn't hear it--I breathed it into my ears.

Little ones at first, the stars retired, leaving
polished little circles on the sky for awhile.

Then the sun began to shout from below the horizon.
Throngs of birds campaigned, their music a tent of sound.

From across the pond, out of the mist,
one drake made a V and said its name.

Some vast animal of air began to rouse
from the reeds and lean outward.

Frogs discovered their national anthem again.
I didn't know a ditch could hold so much joy.

So magic a time it was that I was both brave and afraid.
Some day like this might save the world.

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  1. oooh love this poem. love it. thanks for sharing, cher!