Friday, April 15, 2011

The Tao of Whey

It turns out, chickens love whey  Absolutely they do, yes whey!  A friend at work has a cheesemaking daughter and brings in jugs of whey for OM and me.  I haven't actually seen my chickens drink it, but it disappears fast!  OM says watching her chickens drink is one of her favorite things--like how they tip back their heads and gargle it down.  I tried to spy on my chickens and watch them down the whey, but they were too busy with the last bits of scratch and I got cold and had other chores to do.  May I just talk about the word 'chore' for a moment?  Why does it have such a negative cloud around it?  People don't really even say the word, they groan it.  To me, there is almost nothing better than a chore!  OM and I talk about this a lot during our lunchtime walks and we agree that to have something REAL to do gives a person purpose.  It matters when I feed a chicken, make a kid's lunch, wash clothes and plant seeds.  This is value, and doing something valuable feels good. I'm the Most Valuable Chicken Feeder--yay for me!  It feels good to do things with purpose and to approach chores more positively and cheerfully.  It's definitely one whey to go!

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