Friday, May 13, 2011

It's Gonna Be So Grand

I've got my car all packed with cassette tapes
and sweaters and loose change and cheap cigarettes
and I'm gonna drive thru the hills with my hand out
the window and sing till I run out of words.

--Rosie Thomas from her song 'Wedding Day'

Can you say ROAD TRIP??? I am sooo excited to be on my way this afternoon, bound for Spokane, to see my dear friend J.  So, if you know where I live, please don't rob my house.  But if you do rob it, I'm sure there are windows that aren't locked so use one of those; don't break any glass or bust my door, k?  Thanks! 

I love road trips!  Of course a road trip with someone in the car is a teeny tiny bit more fun, BUT I still enjoy the solo road trip veeery much!  The part in the above song about the cassette tapes is totally true in my case.  The Freedom Wagon don't have no cd player or even newer fangled technology like an ipod hook-up or whatever else is out there.  She has an am/fm cassette deck!  Not trying to be ironic or authentic or anything else, just too lazy to upgrade my system!  But it's ok, because I have TONS of tapes and I'm one of the last people alive who can actually enjoy driving to the sounds of mixed tapes from the 80s, 90s and today! And I DO!  On my line up is Peter Gabriel Live, Sinead O'Connor, one of Schmole's mixed tape gems (shut up, Brucifer, he had a GREAT music collection), maybe a little Salt-n-Pepa (if looks could kill you would be an oozie!), a mix from my sister, circa 1995, that includes Cyprus Hill, Primus, Concrete Blonde and Jane's Addiction, and a lovely mix of all the music I love  best from my friend M.  When the Freedom Wagon stops ticking (perish the thought!), I'll be sad to lose my am/fm cassette deck.  Does anyone still put those in new cars?  <must research this.>

The sky is blue, it's warm here and even warmer where I'm going, and my friend is a'waiting.  As Rosie says at the end of her song, 'Wedding Day':
It's gonna be so grand
It's gonna be so grand

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  1. Schmole was a very sensitive soul, finely tuned aesthetics so acute he dulled them with Zima to make life tolerable. Those talents are what allowed him to persuade a bunch of underage teens to walk nekkid straight to a police station. He dwells on a different plane from ours, that Schmole.

    I have close to 200 tapes I don't listen to anymore. Might bring them up next time and you can harvest what you want.