Monday, May 9, 2011

While I Was Not Watching...

"...sunrise came with a ruby throat
and gold-flecked wings..."

This bit of poem seems to sum up the speed by which my weekend came to an end.  As always, I used up all my time and find myself marveling how I need an extra day to catch up on all that I ignored.  You should just see the pile of laundry I'll be doing today!  I think weekends are like houses: whatever the space, you manage to fill it up. If you move into a bigger house or have a 3-day weekend, it's all the same.  After a 3-day weekend, I invariably need a 4th day.  Ahhh, such is life. 

Besides being over too quickly, this weekend was fun:
  • Easy <read: lazy> dinner Friday night--grilled cheese, tomato soup, apple slices.  Then movie night--The Goonies, recorded by me off of the telemavision circa 1989, no commercials and also swear words dubbed out-SWEET!  I was talked into making popcorn and shared with Caroline.  After a bit she wanted to save some for later, so we set our bowl aside.  Jack reached over and helped himself to our popcorn. "Hey!" I said. And he said, "You don't mind."  That's MY line! I use that on them all the time when I'm helping myself to their Easter candy/Halloween candy/ Christmas candy, etc.  Oh, to have the tables turned was rich!  We laughed and laughed.  And we really didn't mind, as Caroline and I were full anyway.  Eat up, Grasshopper. 
  • Saturday, we went to the Civic Club/Library plant sale.  Highlights--we ran into several friends, I got a bunch of cheap plants, they had an area where kids could pot up some marigolds for mother's day so the kids did just that, and a lovely woman made a fairy house out of sticks and leaves and other bits of nature and Caroline and I must have looked at it for 10 minutes.  It was the size of a large doll house and magical! 
  • Saturday night, Jack had a buddy spend the night and we made pizza, walked to the park afterward and got caught in the rain--loved it--and made ice cream when we got home.  The boys were happy to build with Legos and Caroline was happy to play on the periphery and sort of have me to herself for story reading and reindeer games. 
  • Sunday was Mother's Day and the kids made me sweet cards and presents at school. Perfect!  Nothing beats a handmade card or gift.  We had raised waffles for breakfast with bacon and strawberries. The weather was supposed to be yucky, but it was nice all day.  We spent the day mostly outside, picnic lunch, planting seedlings, pruning hydrangeas, a G & T for me, and leftover pizza for dinner!  I ended up staying up late and it was lovely, but now it's Monday and I don't quite know how that happened!

"...I turned
and the earth hushed.
While I leaned into silence
a morning too vast to fathom
filled with light."

--David Lee

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  1. So important to teach the new generation good snack entitlement behaviors, and by example! J & C mentioned by name, not sure if that's on purpose.