Monday, May 2, 2011

A Lovely Light

The weekend for me (and everyone else probably) is the very best of times. I love having plans, I love not having plans.  This weekend was a nice balance of both.
  • Friday night, C and I kicked off our girls weekend by hanging out with W and Little. Little wanted to hold him a chicken, and Fanny was happy to oblige.  My chickens are NICE!  Then the 4 of us walked down to Ixtapa and partook of some delicious food and drink.  C managed Little on the walk home and they navigated their way through "evil ditches" and other obstacles in the game she had going.  Little is so sweet and tough, too--he's quick to hop up and carry on when he falls down; reminds me of his mama and her can-do pioneer spirit.  Thanks for the visit, W!
  • Saturday we had plans but C was sick to her tummy all day, so all plans were canceled.  I was looking forward to what was on the agenda, but must admit that it felt good to know we could just stay home all day.  I love knowing that I'm needed nowhere else. C stayed in her jammies and we read and watched movies and she didn't eat much, but it was a good day.
  • Sunday was binge day. The weather was perfect.  I hung clothes on the line. I mowed the lawn; this might be my favorite chore.  C felt better.  When I drove her to meet her dad, I enjoyed all of the sunny day drivers touring the valley.  My favorite: the motorcyclists.  I was behind a motorcycle the whole way to Carnation and I love how they do that motorcycle wave, arm thrust out in a low greeting, when they pass all other cyclists.  I got to wear a summer skirt and flop flips.  I took a hammock to a friend who needed one (everyone needs a hammock). I drank an afternoon beer on a blanket in the grass.  And I got to see my dear, old friend M and her man M from Nashville and catch up on her life. T and Copper made the dinner plan for us and we were treated to 2 great Tom Douglas restaurants--Brave Horse Tavern, where we even actually SAW Tom Douglas, and Serious Pie. Both were seriously good.  The whole day was so juiced with adventures and possibilities, and I feel like I lived every second of it.
                My candle burns at both ends;
                It will not last the night;
                But ah, my foes, and oh, my friends—
                It gives a lovely light.

                          --Edna St. Vincent Millay


  1. Seriously good... are you serious?

  2. Evocative. Sweet post. You've plenty of candle.