Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sometimes You're the Windshield

...Sometimes you're the bug.
Sometimes it all comes together, baby.
Sometimes you're just a fool in love.
--Dire Straits

Ever have a day when these lyrics sorta fit for you?  I'm feeling a little bug-y today and need to figure out how to reclaim windshield status.  So far, here's my plan:
* Stay quiet.  Sometimes things go wrong.  Sometimes we get upset.  Sometimes talking helps, and sometimes it just makes you tire of your own drama.  That's where I am today, so being as quiet as I can should help.
* Get grounded by enjoying small happinesses:  Farmers Market, chicken chores, planting more stuff in the garden, etc. Pay attention to these little things because they really matter to me. 
* Go to bed at a decent time tonight, for goodness sake!  Up too late last night and I'm paying for it. 
* Play with the kids-- engaging directly (I'm the Pretty, Pretty Princess--yay for me!) with those rascals always cheers me. 
* Believe that tomorrow will be better.
* Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, la la la la la and warm woolen mittens....

That's all I've got today.  It's a beautiful mess, but as OM might say, que fatzo, which is Italian for 'what are ya gonna do?' <throw hands in the air now>

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