Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Hot Fudge Sundaes and Taco Pizza

We are on our first official road trip of Summer and it's shaping up to be a good one!  I am blogging from Big John's Pizza in Pendleton, while we wait for our taco pizza to-go.  Now, if you haven't had taco pizza, you are missing out.  So come on down to Big John's in Pendleton and get some for yourself (they MADE me say that in order to use their network...just joshin').  Taco pizza is so delicious although I've never seen it outside of Pendleton.  Now that the kids have had it, we have to come here every time we're here visiting...ahhhh, the sacrifices a mother makes.

We had a great drive. It was HOT, 85ish once we got on the east side of the mountains.  The Freedom Wagon, she's a free spirit; sometimes her AC works, and sometimes it don't.  When will it work?  Who knows, but ya gotta have faith, you gotta have a little faith, yeah ya gotta have faith-a-faith-a-faith-a!  We sort of hit a boiling point around Prosser, so we stopped at Mickey D's for treats.  This is when I realized that the kids had never had hot fudge sundaes!  Problem remedied!  They loved them and I looooved my soft serve nilla cone.  Nothing like a treat on the road.

Pizza's ready now and we're off to Cayuse.  My dad and Tina have been on the river for the last few days, so the pizza will be easy to come home to.  I'm sure the Prosecco is chilling, too, as that's tradition for Tina and me.  The kids want to go to the river when we get there and why not?!  It's hot, it's summer, and we're on vacation!

"What the river says, that it what I say."  --Wm. Stafford

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