Tuesday, June 28, 2011

In Wild Meanderings O'er Pasture Wealth

Yesterday was  a sleepy day at home for us.  The kids went camping with their dad over the weekend and he delivered them in the morning, tired and dirty, but happy.  Jack crawled into bed here at 8:30 and didn't get out until 1:30!  He said that he didn't mean to fall asleep, but couldn't help it.  Caroline embraced an angle of repose for most of the day, content to just sit next to me and suck her thumb and twirl my hair.  After Jack woke up, I let them watch a movie while I went out and busied myself in the garden.  I finally got most everything in the ground, save a flat of hollyhocks that need about one more week:

But I got the basil, cukes, blue morning glories, and calendula planted.  Then I fertilized everything with fish fertilizer, which is nizzasty-smelling, but I need to use it up.

You're welcome, plants!

As you can see above, the snap peas are coming on.  I picked a mess of them for our appetizer, gathered lettuce for the salad, and made a frittata for the main course, using 8 of the girls' eggs, some of our chives,  plus store bought onion, potato, milk, sharp cheddar and Parmesan.  By the end of summer, we'll have our own potatoes and onions and this dinner can be whipped up with almost exclusively on-farm (on- cul de sac) ingredients--yay!  Here's what it looked like all plated up:

And onward!  Today it is a little cloudy but quite warm, and perfect picnic weather.  The kids and I are going to the trail and then down a country pathway for some 'wild meanderings o'er pasture wealth.'

"...So--on, with quickened breaths, I follow still--
      My avant-courier must be obeyed!
    Thus am I led, and thus the path, at will,
      Invites me to invade"
         --James Whitcomb Riley

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