Friday, June 10, 2011

I Know A Place Where Summer Strives

That's the title of an Emily Dickinson poem that's going to be my theme for le week-end.  Summer will be striving mightily this weekend on Lummi Island where my tribe is meeting up for our annual powwow.  All the usual suspects will be there:  Still Water, Whispering Wolf, Many Blankets, Lady Hawk, Kind Heart, Laughing Sparrow, Running Wild, Splashing Otter and me, Prairie Feather.  We will miss Blue Dove and *Fights with a Fist* but will send the Sister vibes their way all weekend. 

Lummi is such a great place to strive for summer.  We will walk along the shore and look for beach glass--best beach glass hunting ever.  We will talk and talk and talk--in groups of 2, 3, 4, 10, whatever.  It's just so easy to be around everyone.  No nonsense, no image management, no pretense--it's bliss.  We will eat delicious food and drink delicious beverages.  We will sit around a beach fire at night and bond.  We will most likely get in the hot tub, some will skinny dip for sure.  OM wants to have a swim in the Sound--I will support her from the beach (no cold water for me, thanks).  If weather permits, some of us will sleep outside.  We'll get up early and drink coffee on the beach wrapped in blankets.  I will try to write a poem, too.  Lummi is a place of connection and reflection, and this tribe is ready to STRIVE! 

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