Friday, June 3, 2011

Vernal Sentiment

"Though the crocuses poke up their heads in the usual places,
The frog scum appear on the pond with the same froth of green,
And boys moon at girls with last year’s fatuous faces,
I never am bored, however familiar the scene..." 

Such a beautiful morning today!  As I drove to work, I watched the mist hugging the valley floor start to rise and dissipate.  The sun peaked over the mountain tops and laid its yellow light on the fields.  The air felt warm and carried the promise of a grand day.  And I agree with Roethke in his first stanza of the poem above, I'm never bored, however familiar the scene.

When I get home from work today, the kids and I are going to set up the hammock.  It's TIME!  We'll assemble the stand on the shade garden lawn, hook up the hammock, plop the feather bed, quilt and pillow atop it and get in!  I predict that the 3 of us will try it together and will most likely end up getting dumped.  If the balance is off even a little, down ya go.  but, no matter--hammock time is bliss, even if you end up in a laughing pile on the grass. 

Over the weekend, more of the same.  We may hook up with OM and kids on the lake by her house if it's warm enough.  Jack will get in if we do, even if it's freezing.  Little dude has always loved all water.  Not I--you won't catch me in cold water ever, if I can help it.  And lucky for me, I usually can.  I also predict that the kids will request that we fill our baby pool, since they've been asking almost every sunny day since February, regardless of temp.  I need to stock up on popsicles and rose' for the weekend.  Not a bad grocery list, eh? 

18 more days of Spring; enjoy it!

"...When from under the barn the cat brings a similar litter,--
Two yellow and black, and one that looks in between,--
Though it all happened before, I cannot grow bitter:
I rejoice in the spring, as though no spring ever had been."
--Theodore Roethke

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