Thursday, June 2, 2011

I Looove Technology...Always and Forever!

Wellll, you know that's not quite true, but I'm having a very Kip (from Napoleon Dynamite) sort of moment.  I am about to buy a new computer.  That's right.  New Computamer.  Me!  Buy!  I haven't bought a new computer since 2002--for freakin' reals.  She was a spankin' new Dell desktop and she still runs, albeit slowly.  So slowly in fact, that when I'm home the last thing I'd want to do is be on the computer.  Too annoying.  I also like to secretly shun technology and feel sort of a pioneer pride about saying, 'I ain't even logged onto Facebook for 2 months now!'  I'm sort of a technology redneck.  A redtech?  A techneck?  I have a cell phone (since 2005 now!) but it's a dumbphone.  It just makes telemaphone calls and sends and receives text messages.  That's all.  No camera.  No intermaweb.  I'm low tech and I likes it. 

But...I'm getting something slick.  A laptop. A Mac.  A Mactop?  My techie buddy EE is helping me order it and he's pointing me in the direction of this model that's light and thin but has a keyboard and a disc drive. I cain't remember the name, of course, but it's sounds perfect.  I will have to get a wireless router for home but he says it's easy and that I just plug it in to my other one. Ok, I can do that.  It stresses me out because it's something new, but I shall overcome.  With this new purchase, the chances of me blogging a bit over the summer just went up, like 100%. 

So, it's my computer purchase for the next decade, right?  I'd rather spend the money on clotheslines and chicken feed and hammock supplies, but even this pioneer chick needs to update.  Kind of like when Pa would go to Mancato and come back with something new, like a rotary egg beater or something, for Ma and the girls.  My wagon of technology is getting majorly traded up.  So, pimp my ride, Pa!

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  1. You'll like the liberty that a laptop and wireless internet will bring.

    Also, NERRRRD!