Monday, June 27, 2011

Knee-Deep in June

"Tell you what I like the best--
      'Long about knee-deep in June,
    'Bout the time strawberries melts
   On the vine,--some afternoon
Like to jes' git out and rest,
        And not work at nothin' else!"
  --James Whitcomb Riley

Amen,  JWR!  I just got 2 new books of his poems and this snippet of poem came from Riley-Farm Rhymes, which may be my mos' fayveritist book of his (how'd I do?).  If you haven't given him a real read, I recommend it. Not all of his poems are in this old timey Indiana dialect, but I must admit that I love the ones that are.  He also writes poems that are much more formal in structure, but just as rich in sentiment; I am a fan.  And the Farm Rhyme book also has fabulous drawings, some complex and some simple line drawings.  I might jus' copy the line drawings for embroidermary.

I felt knee deep in June this weekend.  I think I'm easing into Summer rather well, if I do say so myself.  My nice neighbor brought over his pressure washer and I did the deck on Friday. Check out what my legs looked like afterward--the filthy business!  But the deck was clean...
...until the chickens came up to investigate.
Merci, Ruby.

Saturday was spent with CC, driving around to country garage sales, visiting my great-uncle's and his wife's lovely nursery with their big garden art show going full tilt, and eating delicious sushi for lunch.  At one of the garage sales, I saw a great looking vintage bike, which got me to thinking about Caroline's upcoming birthday.  Perhaps instead of looking at new bikes, I should be thinking vintage?  I didn't see any kids vintage bikes, but they must exist, right?  Boy, I sure wish I still had my old yellow Schwinn with the white banana seat covered with pink flowers.  <insert wistful sigh> Enter Craigslist. And can you just imagine my surprise to see MY OLD BIKE for sale?  In Seattle.  For a decent price.  Soooo, I emailed and held my breath.  Yesterday morning I had a reply and the bike was still there, but they were having a garage sale. I left my number.  He called.  He trusted me when I said I'm a SURE THING and that I'd pick it up by 3.  <insert hollerin' and a little happy dance here>  L and I were going to the city anyway to hang out with D, so we swung by the nice, trusting people's house and got the bike!  That's right!!! I GOT THE BIKE. 

You want more, yes?

I KNOW!!!!

But what do the chickens think??

They're impressed!  And so am I, with June, as a whole, and with all of the sweet things that have come with her this year.

"...Whoop out loud!  and th'ow my hat!--
June wants me, and I'm to spare!
Spread them shadders anywhere,
I'll git down and waller there,
    And obleeged to you at that!"  (JWR)

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  1. Astonishing about the bike! Bet Ruby thinks she's a graffiti artist, you should sit (lay?) her down and explain that she's merely a hoodlum.