Wednesday, June 29, 2011

In A Beautiful Meadow

In a beautiful meadow
You come to a swing.
We call it Nature Playground--
It has grass higher than our heads!
If you come here you will see
A beautiful meadow
With a swing.
  --by Caroline

We love this spot.  We brought a picnic.  Caroline said we should have brought some paper so we could write a poem about it.  Ah, but I always have paper for poems, so she dictated her poem to me.  I asked Jack if he wanted to write a poem, too and he said yes.  When I told him I was ready to take down his poem, he just said, "What nature says, that is what I say."  I laughed.  He said that he knew I would think that was funny.  How pleased am I that Caroline wants to write poems and Jack can change up a Stafford line to make me laugh?  As Todd might say, I'm veeeery pleased!

It takes about 20 minutes to walk to the spot; the path meanders across the valley and it's like being in another world.  All you hear are bird songs and the rustle of the tall grasses.  Oh, and the sound of my sneezing.  Aaaaaahchooo!  

When we reached the swing, we spread out the blanket, ate lunch and then we all enjoyed flying over the beautiful meadow!