Friday, June 17, 2011

A Trilly Morning

It's my last day of work and I began it like a real morning person! I didn't have to come in until 8:30ish, but I woke up at the usual early time, got ready, and actually had time to sit outside, drinking my coffee and listening to the trilly birds.  My apologies to the chickens, though, who saw me and got excited, pacing in the coop and eagerly anticipating their release into the cul de sac.  Alas, girls, it is not to be until this afternoon when we get home.  But, the air was warmish, the robins were singing, a rufous sided towhee was visiting my feeder, and I was up and out experiencing the best of life. 

And now I sit here at my desk and look outside at the glorious sun shining on the rhodies in the courtyard out my window, which doesn't open (who designs a window that doesn't open--hellooo!).  I've got the Amelie soundtrack on, which certainly helps, and just listened to one of my very favorite songs ever, la vie en rose.  How I long for la vie en rose; don't we all?  You know what, I think we can have it, too.  You have to believe it's possible. I think that's the key for most things in this life, n'est pas? 

The kids are home tonight before going to their dad's for father's day weekend.  By request, I'm making tacos and we're going to use the lettuce from our garden, for crunch, as Jack says.  Jack has his last cub scout pack meeting of the year tonight where he will 'cross over' from wolf to bear.  Yay for you, Jack! 

And yay for today:  the trilly birds of morning, French songs, last day of work for 7 weeks, my new computamer is due for delivery, tacos with crunch, and a night sky that holds onto daylight until after 10 o'clock.

 Ahhhh, la vie en rose... je suis pret.


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  1. Impressive J is making the transition from Wolf to Bear. I quit Cub Scouts before that point. Does he have his eye on Boy Scouts?

    Computamer due to arrive AND wireless setup this weekend?

    Reading "Je suis pret" evokes the opening to Madonna's duet with Prince "Love Song" where she breathily intones: "Je suis pret, tu voudrais aussi?"

    Are you biking into the open space before you this weekend?

    Have realized most of the statements in this comment are questions, is that weird?